Institut für Energietechnik (IET)


Wind energy is the world's fastest growing renewable energy source and is therefore more and more recognized as a powerful source in the energy sector. To introduce students to the subject of wind energy, the HSR has launched an interdisciplinary wind project. The goal is to provide students with an access to business-related projects and ensure the transfer of knowledge to the economy.

For Students

Each semester we offer a range of project work for interested students. These projects can be carried out in cooperation with our partner companies or they will be integrated as internal subprojects for bigger projects. Students with their own ideas and suggestions are always welcome!

For Companies and Organizations

We can support your project with our current knowledge and practical experience in the following areas:

  • Optimization of wind turbines with fluid and structural simulations
  • Test facility for prototypes: wind tunnel, wing optimization with 3D printing
  • Location evaluation with wind measurements and fluid simulations with topographical data


Project leader:
Prof. Dr. Henrik Nordborg
+41 (0)55 222 4370



Article on wind energy in the Tagblatt-Beilage "Energie" 

(German only), 21.Oktober 2015