Institut für Energietechnik (IET)

Laboratory for high voltage technology

AC Test 50 - 200 Hz

  • 150kV 40kVA test transformer with possible operating frequency from 50 - 200 Hz. Partial discharge measurement system with <2 pC noise at maximal voltage.
  • 100 kV 5kVA test transformer

    • Partial discharge measurement
    • Enhanced voltage endurance tests
    • Disconnector tests according to IEC 62271-102 with a synthetic test circuit built with lightning impulse generator and capacitor bank.
    • Impurity layer and surface leakage current measurements


DC Tests

  • +/- 200kV Greinacher cascade

    • PD measurements with DC
    • Insulation tests
    • Surface charge measurements due to collected surface charges at DC stress

  • Impulse tests

    • 700kV 40kJ Impulse generato

      • Impulse tests (1.2/50µs) according to IEC 60060-1 up to +580kV and -690k
      • Switching impulse tests (250/2500µs) according to IEC 60060-
      • front and back chopped impulse test
      • Tests conforming to standards of low inductive test objects thanks to Glaninger circuit extension.

    • High current tests

      • 60kV capacitor bank with 148kJ
      • High current transformer

        • High current impulse tests up to 120kA with capacitor bank
        • Temperature rise tests with high current transformer in long term tests
        • Pearson probe: Signals with 5kA/20ns risetime can be measured