Institut für Energietechnik (IET)

Azure for Engineers

The challenge

Corporate IT is undergoing a transformation. The on-premise server room will vanish, as IT services are moved to the Cloud and IT departments are scaled down. This saves resources, energy and money, but makes it difficult to maintain an infrastructure of fast computers for numerical simulations.

Vendors are reacting to this development by porting their software to the Cloud. We want to move YOUR simulations to the Cloud. Whether you use one simulation tool, many tools from different vendors or your own in-house code, we will have you up and running in the Cloud within hours and continue to support you as long as you wish.

Cloud computing represents a breakthrough for numerical simulations with total flexibility in terms of hardware. Whether you want a cluster or powerful workstations, Linux or Windows, all options are available. No investment is required: a one-time setup fee of CHF 500 gives you access to unlimited computational resources and unlimited storage.

From then on, you only pay for what you use.

What we offer

We help you realize the full potential of the Cloud computing with

  • unlimited computing resources based on Microsoft Azure, whether you need virtual machines for interactive work, batch processing or compute clusters for HPC
  • consulting and support for numerical simulations with a large number of tools from different vendors, such as ANSYS, COMSOL, MATLAB and OpenFOAM
  • software development (C++, C#, Java, Fortran, Python ...)
  • customization, virtualization and containerization of your software in the Cloud




Prof. Dr. Henrik Nordborg
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