Institut für Energietechnik (IET)


Wing movement of a dragonfly

Nature offers many solutions to technical problems. For example, the wing movement of dragonflies can serve as a model for drones or micro-flying objects, which then could be used for search and rescue operations. Through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Method (FEM), the power consumption of drones and the minimal stresses on the material can be determined. The results will improve service life and range.


To protect high-voltage lines against lightning strikes, excess energy has to be efficiently discharged by a deliberate ignition of an electric arc. The electric arc must be quickly extinguished which can only be achieved through efficient product design. In cooperation with the company Streamer International and through the use of coupled numerical simulations, new products that guarantee a comprehensive and cost-effective protection of high voltage equipment have been created.»

Electromagnetic and Thermal Coupling

The heating of components by electromagnetic radiation can be simulated by means of electromagnetic and thermal coupled simulations. The upper coil has a certain number of windings which leads to a specific alternating current. This alternating current produces an alternating magnetic field that permeates the underlying aluminum plate. From this an eddy current is generated which is opposite to the source current. The eddy current heats the aluminum plate.

Room simulation for heating and cooling optimization

For the perfect comfort in a room the phenomena of draft development, cold air downdraft caused by cold facade and temperature fluctuations need to be analysed and optimised. In addition, the energy concept of the heating / cooling panels should also be optimized. An example is the activation of the building envelope used as a thermal mass. The IET has supported the company Barcol-Air in implementing the conception.

Vertical Wind Turbine with H-rotor

Wind turbines with a vertical axis have many advantages, but one major drawback is that they cannot start by themselves. In this project, a solution concept was developed in which there is a dual H-rotor of a combination of external and internal rotors. The investigations show that the concept of the dual H-rotor allows the turbine to self-start.»

Forces on a chairlift

What forces act on a chairlift during a storm? The company Bartholet Maschinenbau AG let the IET determine the forces for a new development by flow simulations. The results allowed the manufacturer to construct the hanger assembly accordingly.»

Optimization of finned heat exchanger

The heat transfer in finned heat exchangers can be increased with so-called turbulators. The turbulators are mounted on the fins of the heat exchangers. Often the increase in heat transfer is associated with an increase in pressure loss. In cooperation with the company Calorifer AG, the IET used CFD simulations to optimize a finned heat exchanger for maximum heat transfer and minimal pressure loss.

Flow rate in a gas line

Sensirion manufactures various sensors with which the physical parameters of gas flow can be measured. With the help of simulations and experiments it was examined how a sensor in a vortex flow meter can be used. The principle of the Karman vortex street was used to determine the flow rate in a gas line.»


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