Institut für Energietechnik (IET)

Electric Motor Test Bench

30kW electric motor test bench

The test bench is designed for the testing of electrical machines and drive systems. It consists of a motor-generator group, a frequency converter and a load / drive machine, which is connected to the unit under test. The motor-generator group is controlled via the frequency converter and this allows tests with variable frequencies of the supply voltage. 

The test bench can also be fed directly from the frequency inverter bypassing the motor-generator group. The bypassing of the motor-generator group allows the test to be done on a realistic supply which has a sinusoidal signal with higher harmonics. Phenomena such as common mode currents can be investigated.
The test bench can be used for Asynchronous, synchronous and direct current machines.

  • Drive side up to 30kW motor power
  • Torque measurements up to 193Nm
  • Speed range on the drive side up to 4500U / min
  • Rated current up to 250A
  • Automated measurement via digital control


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