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Cost Calculator Mobility with Renewable Natural Gas


The cost calculator below calculates the cost per kilometre for a vehicle driven with renewable natural gas as fuel. For comparison is a diesel powered vehicle presented. The diagrams below illustrate the costs per kilometre. As a basis the figures from TCS were used. The bluish fields represent the fixed costs and the yellowish fields the variable costs.

The only difference between the diagrams is the fuel costs. The following 11 parameters determine the fuel costs for transport with renewable natural gas. In the calculator «plant» refers to the power to gas plant for the production of synthetic renewable methane (natural gas).

Plant Size and CO2 Origin Information:
Plant Electrical Power Rating and the CO 2 origin for different scenarios.
Specific investment costs of the production plant CHF/kW Information:
Investment costs for the realization of the production plant for synthetic fuel. The specific investment costs is based on a 1 kW electrical power rating.
Efficiency of the production plant % Information:
The overall efficiency of the plant is calculated by dividing the energy contained in the produced gas by the electrical energy used to produce the gas during this time.
Amortisation period of the production plant Years Information:
Depreciation period of the production plant.
Interest %/Year Information:
Interest on investment capital for the production plant. The amortization is calculated using the Equivalent annual cost method.
Energy costs CHF/kWh Information:
Cost of the electrical and thermal input energy. The energy must come from sustainable sources. The future development of the electricity prices is difficult to predict. System services, such as operating reserves, should also be considered here.
Operating costs of the production plant CHF/kWh Information:
Cost of operation of the production plant, based on the electrical input energy. Operating costs include, among other, maintenance costs, personnel costs and operating costs.
Full load hours of the production plant h/Year Information:
The real fuel production per year divided by the maximum possible fuel production if the plant would run at 100% for a year, multiplied by the number of hours per year.
Gas network charges and margin CHF/kWhGas Information:
Charge for the use of gas networks as well as margins of gas network operators and gas station operators. Relative to the upper heating value of the fuel.
Petroleum tax and surcharges CHF/kWhGas Information:
The petroleum tax and the petroleum tax surcharge in 2015 for diesel and petrol is about 7.3 Rp./kWh (based on the upper heating value).
Value added tax VAT % Information:
The VAT is calculated on the total price (incl. petroleum tax and surcharge).
Fuel consumption of natural gas car kg/100 km Information:
Conversion factors of petrol in methane based on the upper heating value:
5 Litres -> 3.0 kg,
6 Liters -> 3.7 kg,
7 Liters -> 4.3 kg.
Calculated gas price per kg CHF/kg Information:
Price of renewable methane in Swiss francs per kilogram. Relative to the upper heating value of methane.
Calculated gas price per kWh Rp./kWh Information:
Price of renewable methane in rappen per kilowatt hour. Relative to the upper heating value of methane.

Source sample vehicle with fossil fuel: TCS
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