Institut für Energietechnik (IET)

Pilot and Demonstration Plant Power-to-Methane


Side view
Entrance demonstration plant (left) and control room (right)
Material Container (green) and refueling system


Gas analysis (left), electrolysis cabinet (right)
A look inside the demonstration plant. In front is the electrolysis (blue frame) with an electrical power rating of 25 kW. Behind the methanation unit.
Oxygen Gas Analysis

Methanation unit

Methanisation reactor and auxiliary units

The production capacity is 1 cubic meter of methane gas (at STP) per hour. The methanation is carried out at around 300 °C. The time required for the methane production for one tankful of gas is about 20 hours.


Refuelling station at the plant

Mobile gas compression

The new mobile CO2 compressor

The new mobile CO2 compressor

Research Project SCCER

Map Demonstration Plant

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Process Flow Diagram

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