Institut für Energietechnik (IET)

An innovative power to gas technology at the district level.

Ten institutions from academic research and industry from five European countries are involved in the EU Pentagon project, which is run from 2016 to 2020.


The EU wants to significantly increase the energy production by technologies of the new renewable energies. The integration of these renewable energies into the energy supply system creates new challenges, caused by the production variability of the new renewable energies and the mismatch between electricity generation and consumption. As a solution to these challenges, the three grids of electricity, gas and heat should be closer connected to each other by using technologies for the conversion and storage of the respective energy carriers. This grid connection must be regulated by an intelligent energy management system at district level. 


The Pentagon project addresses these challenges and levels the way for this new generation of eco-districts. The project focusses on two research tasks:

  • Improvement of power-to-methane technologies and their integration to the energy supply system at eco-district level
  • Development of an intelligent and service-based online platform (cloud) for the use of the energy management system



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