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High Efficiency Power-to-Methane Pilot – HEPP

The HEPP project (High Efficiency Power-to-Gas Pilot) lasts from 2017 to 2020 and is realized with research funding and funding from industrial partners. HEPP is implemented in the EU project Pentagon and thus into the framework programme Horizon 2020. In Pentagon there are ten institutions from academic research and industry from five European countries involved.

High efficiency due to technical innovations 

The experts at the IET Institute for Energy Technology increase the technology readiness level of the power-to-methane technology with technical innovations and demonstrate the system on a small scale in a real environment. With the increase of the efficiency of the power-to-methane technology its economy is improved and the environmental impact of the synthetic methane is reduced. Questions relevant for industrial application are answered so that the upscaling of the technology is achieved with an efficiency of at least 70%.

The core element in the HEPP project is a 10 kW demonstrator, located in Rapperswil. The conception of the plant includes a high-temperature electrolysis and an integrated heat management. In addition, innovative technologies developed in Switzerland are integrated in the plant to investigate the systems’ behavior. 

The demonstrator will be operated from spring 2018 to 2020. The facility can be visited in guided tours after the opening event (Personal Tour besuch-ptg(at)

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