Institut für Energietechnik (IET)


Since 2014, the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research Heat and Electricity Storage (SCCER HaE) has been dedicated to research into storage facilities in the energy system. SCCER HaE is supervised by Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency. The main tasks of the IET in SCCER HaE are to increase the efficiency of power-to-methane technology and to improve the applicability of this technology in industry. New power-to-methane demonstrators will be built, which contain new innovative concepts and technologies to increase the maturity of the technology. Furthermore, the IET Institute of Energy Technology is involved in two other research projects within the SCCER:

Joint Activity CEDA

Different energy demonstrators are being set up and operated in the eight energy research centres. In the project "Coherent Energy Demonstrator Assessment" CEDA, a common basis for the energy system assessment of the different storage and conversion technologies investigated in the demonstrators is being established. This evaluation matrix will be used to make a statement about the transfer from the laboratory to large-scale plants and thus to assess the impact of the technology on the energy strategy 2050.

Joint Activity White Paper on the Perspectives of Power-to-Product (P2X) Technology in Switzerland

The term P2X refers to energy conversion technologies that produce synthetic gases, fuels or energy generation products using an electrochemical or biological process. The "White Paper" project systematically analysed the extensive P2X knowledge in Switzerland for the gas market, the mobility sector and the electricity market and summarised it in a single document. The research units involved carried out a technical, economic and ecological evaluation of the technologies for the Swiss energy market. The project was completed in 2019 and the publications can be ordered and downloaded in various languages by clicking on the following link:


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