Institut für Energietechnik (IET)

R&D programme

The main focus of our R&D programme is:

  • Digitalisation (Computational Fluid Dynamics, Internet of Things, Machine Learning).
  • Human Factors (Acceptance, Skills, Teaching).
  • System Integration (Microgrids, Innovation, Recycling).




Computational Fluid Dynamics

We undertake high-fidelity simulations of wind turbines and wind farms in complex terrain using software such as ANSYS CFX, Palabos, NREL SOWFA and NREL FAST.Farm on our High Performance Cluster. In combination with this, we also develop processes and software for the easy application of these tools in the wind energy industry.

We are especially interested in applying the Lattice Boltzmann Method to wind energy and are actively looking for partners in this area.

Current projects:

  • "A new process for the pragmatic choice of wind models in complex terrain" (SFOE) - read more here.
  • "Comparison metrics simulation challenge" (SFOE) - read more here.
  • "Evaluation of the Lattice Boltzmann Method for wind modelling in complex terrain" (internal project).
  • "Improvement of design tools for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines" (internal project).

Internet of Things

We develop innovative measurement systems and cloud platforms for wind energy applications.Digital solutions are becoming increasingly important in the wind energy industry in the areas of system integration and cost reduction. Possible applications are sector coupling, grid distribution, intelligent control, forecasting, data driven design and predictive maintenance.

Current projects:

  • "Aerosense: A novel MEMS-based surface pressure and acoustic smart measurement system for wind turbines" (BRIDGE Discovery) - more here.

Machine Learning

We are applying Machine Learning for power curve predictions and SCADA data analysis - and are looking for partners in this area. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Human Factors


We are interested in understanding the technical and behavioural factors related to wind turbine noise perception and reality.


We support young professionals in leadership skills development in collaboration with mindspire.


We are developing and applying e-learning methods for wind energy education.


System integration


Together with the Institute for Solar Technology (SPF) here at HSR, we develop hybrid, de-centralised systems for an independent and smart electricity supply of the future.



We work together with start-ups and SMEs on innovative solutions such as Airborne Wind Energy and building-integrated energy systems.


  • We are supporting Skypull to optimise their Airborne Wind Turbine (running). More here (financed by Innosuisse).
  • We carried out a feasibility study together with the company NewGreenTec for their product "EnergyTower"  (financed by Innosuisse).
  • We carried out a feasibility study together with the company Brainwhere (financed by Innosuisse and SFOE).


Together with IWK at HSR, we are testing new compsite materials for more environmentally-friendly rotor blades. Find out more here.


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