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We offer a seminar in wind energy, "Wind turbine design – aerodynamics and dynamics", as part of the "Master of Science in Engineering" (in English). Click here for more information.

Student projects

As a University of Applied Sciences, it is important for us to give students access to industry-relevant projects, in order to ensure knowledge transfer with the industry. We achieve this by offering a range of projects and theses to students every semester. These projects can either be carried out together with our partner companies or as part of an internal research project. We are always happy to hear from students with ideas or suggestions for projects!

Examples of previous student projects:

  • Master project, Autumn Semester 2020: Gianluca De Fezza, "Aerodynamic Digital Twin of the Skypull multi-element drone“
  • Master project, Autumn Semester 2020: Justin Lydement, „Development of a self-calibration method for the AeroSense pressure sensors“
  • Semester project, Autumn Semester 2020: Samuel Hecht, „Evaluierung der Performance von akustischen Sensoren für das Aerosense-Messsystem“
  • Semester project, Spring Semester 2020: Nils Adelmann, „Entwicklung eines Konzeptes für ein neues Tool für die Auslegung von autarken Wind-PV-Speicher-Microgridsystemen“
  • Project project, Spring Semester 2020: Marco Bühler, "Mechanical concept for the AeroSense measurement system"
  • Project thesis, Autumn Semester 2019: Gianluca De Fezza, "Optimisation of the aerodynamics of the Skypull Airborne Wind Turbine".
  • Bachelor thesis, Spring Semester 2018: Lukas Schnider, „Erweiterung des Betriebsbereiches der IET-Windmaschine“
  • Semester project, Autumn Semester 2016: Andrin Lichtensteiger und Albert Schlegel, „Autarker Windsensor“
  • Semester project, Autumn Semester 2016: Jonathan Petter, „Drehmoment- und Leistungsmessung einer vertikalachsigen Windturbine“
  • Master thesis, Spring Semester 2016: Matthias Pasquon, “Implementation of the double multiple streamtube model for vertical axis wind turbines”
  • Bachelor thesis, Spring Semester 2016: Fabio Flütsch, „Entwicklung eines Wind-messgerätes und Bewertung von Windpotenzialen“
  • Student project, Autumn Semester 2015: Matthias Pasquon, “Variable Blade Pitch Optimization of a Vertical Wind Turbine with Computational Fluid Simulations”


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