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Selection of current projects

Project management of Annex 49 in the IEA Heat Pumping Technologies TCP

All new buildings in Europe shall be built as nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) from January, 1, 2021 on. Building technologies for reaching this requirements are thus of high interest. Heat pump systems are a candidate as standard heating systems for nZEB due to their high Efficiency.

The building system technology team of the IET has the project management of the Annex 49 in the Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT) Technology Collaboration Programme of the International Energy Agency IEA  in charge of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) for the integration and design of heat pumps for net or nearly Zero Energy Buildngs. The eight coutrnies AT, BE, CH, DE, NO, SE, UK, US are participating in the Annex 49. 

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SCCER EIP Work Package 4: Decentralised waste water management

In the Swiss Competence Center of Energy Research (SCCER) on Efficiency in Industrial Processes (EIP) the Integration option of water and energy use on the building site is investigated in Work Package 4 (WP4). The IET investigates the Reuse of treated Grey and wastewater for cooling applications by evaporative cooling. Together with the Project Partners eawag, FHNW (decentralised Treatment of grey and wastewater ) and the Empa (heat recovery) and the industry partner Energie Solaire SA options for an integrated use of Energy and water at the building are investigated.

Further information on the SCCER EIP

Field monitoring of net Zero Energy Buildings with mixed use

The building Black & White in Pfäffikon SZ unites in central situation a commercial use in the ground floor, an office use on the first and second floor and a residential multi-family use on the third and fourth floor and in the attic of the building. The year-round evaluation of the monitoring values and the accomplished simulations confirm, that with the roof- and Fassade integrierated PV system and the highly efficient heat pump a zero energy balance can even be reached in a urban surrounding.

In a feasibility study the energy supply of the neighbourhoods Eichwies and Schachen in Rapperswil-Jona has been investigated regarding a future sustainable energy supply. By favourable heat sources in the neighbourhoods and with the installation of PV-systems on the roof and in the facade of the buildings a Net-Zero Energy balance can be reached for the neighbourhoods.

Further information to the Project (in German)

Prototype development hybrid cooling ceiling

Massive building components like the concrete ceiling offer a high thermal inertia for the storage of heating and cooling energy and for the dampening of the room temperature. With the industry partner Barcol-Air Group AG, Schwerzenbach, an innovative Hybrid cooling ceiling component with concrete activation is developed, which enables higher free cooling shares as conventional cooling ceilings, whereby savings of electrical energy can be realised.

Field monitoring Net Zero Energy Buildings Uster

Net Zero or Plusenergy buildings will be the future standard in new buildings. In Uster a detailed monitoring over a two year period of the first Minergie-A® certified building in the canton Zurich with office use has been accomplished in the frame of the IEA HPT Annex 49.


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