Institut für Energietechnik (IET)

Applied Physics and Measuring Technology

Welcome to the groupe of Applied Physics and Measuring Technology.

Brief overview

The group for Applied Physics and Measuring Technology provides support in the implementation of physical knowledge for commercial applications and products.We deal with both theoretical and experimental physics to solve challenging problems of industrial partners. Our competences cover a wide range of different areas, which often lead to new and practice-oriented innovations.

For the evaluation by means of experiments, a large number of high-precision measuring instruments and equipment are available to verify and evaluate various problems with measurement data.


We provide expertise for:

  • Implementation and realization of novel ideas up to a prototype
  • Further development of products through technological innovation
  • Analysis and interpretation of data and measurements
  • Calculations and studies
  • Developments and realizations of highly demanding measurements of optical, thermal and electrical parameters


Prof. Dr. Benno Bucher
Oberseestrasse 10
8640 Rapperswil SG
+41 (0)58 257 43 30