Institut für Energietechnik (IET)

Prof. Dr. Markus Friedl



Prof. Dr. Markus Friedl
Professor for Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
Head of Institute IET
+41 (0)58 257 4333

Scope of Activities

For the bachelor programme Renewable Energies and Environmental Engineering I teach thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. What I like most is the interaction with young people and the possibility to show them the connection between the theory of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics and current problems related to the energy supply system. In addition, I teach some CAS courses, Energy Consulting and Renewable Energies at the WERZ institute. I also regularly hold a one-day seminar with the motto "Do not panic about thermodynamics". Some of my lesson topics are visualised through short videos, which are available on the IET Youtube channel.


At the IET I lead a group of experts with whom we carry out application oriented research and development in the fields of thermodynamics, numerical flow simulations and power-to-gas.

Professional and Industrial experience

I completed my studies in mechanical and process engineering at ETH Zurich in 1994. Subsequently, I conducted research at the Institute for Fluid Dynamics where in 1998 I earned my doctor title.

As a development engineer for the British industrial group IMI, I gained international experience in England and the USA. At the same time I obtained a postgraduate certificate in management from the University of Central England in Birmingham. I was also a member of the company wide research group IMI Vision.

In February 2004, I moved from an international corporation to the company awtec AG for technology and innovation, which at the time only had five employees. As a member of the management and as a partners, I helped to shape the future of awtec AG and grow the company to 21 employees. I worked with various industrial customers where I initiated and conducted projects for innovative product developments as project manager. Today the company is called Quo.



Scientific Awards and Prizes

  • 2006 Swiss Technology Award and special prize for Nature and Environment Foundation for the development of a CO2 heat pump.
  • 2015 Nominated by the degree course Renewable Energies and Environmental Engineering for the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching
  • 2015 First prize for the Technology Transfer Award from the Futur Foundation
  • 2016 Nominated by the degree course Renewable Energies and Environmental Technology for the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching
  • 2017 Finalist des Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching Video.