Institut für Energietechnik (IET)

Laboratory of Physics

In the physics laboratory the students have the opportunity to understand the basic principles of physics with the support of the physics professor and through hands-on experiments.

Part of the laboratory and its equipment are also used to carry out measurements for industrial projects and for students for semester and bachelor theses.

IdentificationProducer; specification
Atomic Force Microscop AFM
Data LoggerDelphin Expert Logger
National Instruments; various NI-Cards
Pico Logger
Dew Point MeterAhlborn
Digital MicroscopeKeyence; 20x - 200x with 3d profile scan
Field Analyzer Narda; 5 Hz - 100 kHz, 0.01 V/m – 100 kV/m, 1 nT – 10 mTI
Flow SensorsEndress Hauser; Coriolis-Flow meter; Vortex counter
Systec Contro; Ultrasound
High Speed CamPCO.; 1102 fps@ 2016 x 2016 up to 130'650 fps
High-Pressure ApparatusNovaSwiss; 0-7'000 bar
High-Pressure ChamberIn-house development; 0-10'000 bar
High-Temperature FurnaceNabertherm; 30-1250 °C with gassing device
High-Vacuum Pumping UnitLeybold Systems; down to Pressure of 1x 10-7 mbar
Lockin AmplifierStanford Research Systems
OscilloscopeTeledyne; Lecroy 4 channel 350 MHz
PiezobrushPolyscience; surface activation
Powerful Vibration Test System
Radon MeterLabworks
Raster Tunnel Microscope
Sound Level Meter Uni-T
Sourcemeter Keithley; various devices
Spectrometers Instrumentsystem; 200-800 nm
Oceanoptics; UV-VIS-NIR
Sputter DepositionSafematic; various target materials
Stereo MicroscopeLeica; macro lens with SLR camera
Thermal Imaging CameraFlir; T640 640x480
Flir; E45 320x320
Heimann Thermopile; 80x64
Vapor Deposition In-house developmen & Safematic